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I don't even listen to rap

Bitches and Hoes
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B2C is a rap group made of up of Beau Burchell, Boostikaka, and Beau Bokan. Hailing from Costa Mesa, the group creates rhymes that make Tupac(I don't know anything about rap so insert rapper of your choice here) look like an amateur. Already able to boast a small yet dedicated fan base, the groups future is promising. The B2C livejournal is not associated with B2C in any way shape or form.

We have no intention of advertising this community, if people find it they find it, if not oh well, spam is annoying. This may change at any time.

This community was made by Colorblinding and is moderated by:

1. Don't hate and all y'all will get along.
2. Have a sense of humor.

This is a disclaimer taken from the Saosin message board, Written by Beau:
ok, before anyone gets offended, or takes these raps the wrong way.......
none of us are actually racist. the songs are a total joke, obviously.
so, here is where our sick sense of humor comes in. i am not expecting everyone to understand, but i will try to explain.
racism isnt cool. and its not funny. but the fact that someone could be so ignorant that they would be racist IS funny to me.
same thing with stereotypes. stereotyping people isn't cool. but the actual stereotypes make me laugh. and same as racism, the fact that someone would think everyone in a certain ethnicity would act a certain way, is funny to me also.
its kindof like when you see someone in a movie gets hit by a bus. its not funny, but you can't help but laugh, because that person just got hit by a bus!!!!!
nevermind, that was a very bad analogy.
anyways, hopefully i haven't confused anyone. but i didnt want people thinking that i was actually racist. its mainly me just poking fun at all that suff.
i think we are going to try and do a backstreet boys type song or something, sometime soon.
k, back to writing, we start tracking drums for the new record on the 26th.